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Formerly called Hara Kiri
Attractiepark Toverland
Location Sevenum, Limburg, Netherlands
Coordinates 51°23′49″N 5°59′12″E / 51.396917°N 5.986780°E / 51.396917; 5.986780
Park section Land van Toos
Status Operating since 19 May 2001
Rider height
  • Minimum: 90 cm
  • Min. unaccompanied: 120 cm
Manufacturer Van Egdom
Product Hara Kiri
Capacity 2 per dinghy / 3 slide lanes
Height 11.4 metres

Drakenslangen (English: Dragonsnakes) are 3 Dinghy Waterslides built by Dutch manufacturer Van Egdom currently located at Attractiepark Toverland in Sevenum, Limburg, Netherlands.


The ride originally opened on 19 May 2001 as Hara Kiri and featured two slides. The tubeslide would be added in 2002. [1] It would be named Aqua Snake, with the other two slides keeping the Hara Kiri name. This would change in 2018, when all three slides where renamed to Drakenslangen. This was done because Toverland discovered that 'Hara Kiri' was a form of Japanese suicide. [2]


The ride features 2 normal blue slides and 1 black tubeslide. It was originally unthemed in the corner of the Land van Toos indoor area of Toverland, but would recieve theming later on. this theming would be a small treet of buildings occupying the area underneath the ride, with the slides seemingly running over the rooftops.

Six guests can ride at a time, with every lane featuring a boat that can carry up to two people.


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