Elevador in 2015
Parque Dos Elefantes
Location Cotia, São Paulo, Brazil
Status Under construction, expected to open 2021
Beto Carrero World
Location Penha, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Operated 1997 to 2017
California's Great America
Location Santa Clara, California, USA
Operated 1983 to 1995
Manufacturer Intamin
Product Freefall
Height 131 feet

Elevador or Free Fall was a Freefall ride which operated at California's Great America and later at Beto Carrero World.


This ride opened at California's Great America (then called Mariott's Great America) in 1983 alongside an identical ride at Marriott's Great America (now Six Flags Great America) in Gurnee, Illinois. It operated until 1995.[1]

It reopened at Beto Carrero World where it operated from 1997 to 2017. The attraction has been sold to another park in Brazil, Parque dos Elefantes, which is expected to reopen in 2021 following redevelopment.[2]


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