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Freizeitpark Plohn

Amusement park in Germany
Freizeitpark Plohn
Lengenfeld, Saxony, Germany
Status Operating
Opening 1996

Freizeitpark Plohn is an amusement park in Lengenfeld, Saxony, Germany. It includes 6 roller coasters.

Roller coasters


Class Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Roller Drachenwirbel SBF Visa Group Spinning
April 14, 2017 Operating
Roller Dynamite Mack Rides Semi-floorless May 18, 2018 Operating
Roller El Toro Great Coasters International Wooden April 10, 2009 Operating
Roller Family Coaster SBF Visa Group Family 2006 Operating
Powered Miniwah Mack Rides Enclosed May 24, 2015 Operating
Roller Plohseidon Zierer Family April 21, 2011 Operating


Class Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Relocated
Roller Silver Mine Zierer Sit-Down 2000 October 31, 2017 N/A



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Fluch des Teutates ABC Rides River Rapids 2013
Westernrodeo HUSS Breakdance 2000
Wildwasserbahn Mack Rides Log Flume 1999