Hair Raiser

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Hair Raiser
Ocean Park
Location Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, China
Status Operating since December 8, 2011
Manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard
Type Steel - Floorless
Product Floorless Coaster (Custom)
Riders per train 28
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Height 35 feet
Top speed 88 mph
Length 850 feet
Inversions 4

Hair Raiser is a steel floorless roller coaster located at Ocean Park in Hong Kong, China.[1] The ride debuted at the end of 2011 as one of the highlights of the park's new themed area, "Thrill Mountain". Built on a cliff edge, it is the first floorless, and the fastest roller coaster in Hong Kong.



The ride kicks off with a lift hill built over a hill landscape. After the pre-drop, the first drop makes a 180-degree curve down towards the vertical loop. Gusting towards the cliff edge, riders are flipped around by the large dive loop. Followed by an ejector airtime-inducing bunny hill, where on-ride photos are taken, riders enter the zero-g roll and then the immelmann. Experiencing some airtime over the S-curve hill, riders finally turn to enter the brake run.

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