Herschend Family Entertainment

Herschend Family Entertainment
Founded 1950
Branson, Missouri, USA
Full-Time Employees
Official Website http://www.hfecorp.com/
Parks Owned 3 (2 Managed)

Herschend Family Entertainment is a company based in Branson, Missouri, USA.


It all began in 1950 when founders Hugo and Mary Herschend acquired a lease on Marvel Cave near Branson, MO. A decade later, as the popularity of the cave grew, so did the lines. In order to entertain cave guests during their wait, the widowed Mary, along with a staff of 17, opened a small 1880s-themed village on the cave's grounds. Silver Dollar City became a huge success - forming the foundation of Herschend Family Entertainment.

The company purchased Wild Adventures from the bankrupt Adventure Parks Group for $34.5 million at auction on September 25, 2007.[1]

Current parks

Past parks


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