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Mine Blower

roller coaster
Mine Blower
Fun Spot America
Location Kissimmee, Florida, USA
Status Operating since June 23, 2017
Cost $6million USD
Manufacturer The Gravity Group, LLC
Type Wooden
Riders per train 12
Height83 feet
Drop80.5 feet
Top speed48.5 mph
Length2,290 feet
Steepest drop65°
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Mine Blower is a wooden roller coaster located at Fun Spot America in Kissimmee, Florida, USA. It was manufactured by the Gravity Group and is the first wooden roller coaster in the southeast of America to feature an inversion.



Mine Blower features a barrel roll over the station and it also features a 115 degree over banked curve. The name was revealed to be Mine Blower over the radio on February 5, 2017. Due to the name, the ride is presumed to have a mining theme. On March 17, 2017, Fun Spot announced some new information on Mine Blower. The drop was announced as being at a 65 degree angle, the ride was heightened from 82 feet to 83 feet and lengthened from 2,256 feet to 2,290 feet. The ride was later opened on June 23.


2 trains with 6 cars per train. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in a single row for a total of 12 riders per train. A piece of concept art that Fun Spot released on February 6, 2017 revealed that the ride's trains would have a TNT theming feature on the front.