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Walton Pier

Amusement park in the United Kingdom
Walton Pier
Walton Pier (2009) 01.jpg
The entrance to the pier in 2009
Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, England, UK
Status Operating
Opened 1892
Owner Russell Bolesworth
Website http://www.waltonpier.co.uk/

Walton Pier is a pleasure pier featuring a selection of amusement rides located in Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, England, UK.

Roller coasters


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Blizzard Diego Cavazza Family 1996 2003 Travelling UK
Mad Mouse Allan Herschell Company Wild Mouse 1960s c.1972 Unknown



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Cyclone Twist Hayes Fabrication Twist 2017
Dodgems Reverchon Dodgems 1979 or earlier
Hardrock Waltzer Maxwell Waltzer 1974
Pirate Pete's Galleons SBF Visa Group Junior Jets 2006
Red Baron Maxwell Junior Jets Unknown
Tea Cups SBF Visa Group Junior Teacups 2006


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Big Wheel Eli Bridge Company Ferris Wheel 1955 1957 Travelling UK
Cyclone Twist Hayes Fabrication Twist 1972 2009 Send for refurbishment
Gallopers Savage Carousel 1948 2005 Relocated to Yesterday's World Museum (Great Yarmouth)
Gallopers John H. Rundle Carousel 2006 2021 Travelling UK
Helicopters Allan Herschell Company Junior Jets Unknown 2005 Unknown
Ski Jump Maxwell Flying Coaster 1981 1998 Travelling UK
Speedway Unknown Monte Carlo Rally/Speedway 1960s or earlier 1974 or later Scrapped
Spooky Gold Mine Supercar / C&S Tracked Dark Ride 1960s 2021 Relocated to Barry Island Pleasure Park
Superbowl K.T. Enterprises Superbowl/Flipper 2001 2002 Relocated to Brean Theme Park
Waltzer H.P. Jackson Waltzer 1949 1973 Relocated to Casino Funfair

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