Infinity Inverted Coaster

Infinity Inverted Coaster
Status In production
Introduced 2023
Number built 2
First built Storm - The Dragon Legend
(27 May 2023)
Latest built Unknown
Rider height 130 cm minimum
 Gerstlauer, Germany
Type Steel - Inverted
Riders per train 16
Propulsion LSM Swing Launch
Chain lift hill
Top speed 110 km/h
G-Force 5

The Infinity Inverted Coaster is a model of steel inverted roller coaster manufactured by German manufacturer Gerstlauer. It debuted in 2023 with Storm - The Dragon Legend at TusenFryd. It is the second inverted coaster type by Gerstlauer, with the first being the Family Suspended Coaster.


The Infinity Inverted Coaster is Gerstlauer's biggest coaster type along with the Infinity Coaster which the invert is based upon. The main difference between the two models, apart from one being inverted, is the trains. The Infinity features trains with separate cars seating 4 across, while the Inverted features cars with 2 across. It would be only the second big coaster type to feature less than 4 rows per train. The first one being the now discontinued Launch Coaster. The model only featured a LSM launch upon debut, a chain lift hill would debut on the second installation; Unknown. The trains on the Infinity Inverted Coaster features lap bars similair to the Infinity Coaster.


All models debuted as a custom layout before ending up in the catalog, allowing other parks to purchase the same layout. This phenomenon happens with every Gerstlauer model.

350m 355m
Length 350 metres 355 metres
Height 37 metres 26 metres
Speed 95 km/h 72 km/h
No. build 1 1


Name Park Country Layout Opened Status
Storm - The Dragon Legend TusenFryd
350 May 27, 2023 Operating
Unknown Parque del Café
355 2024 Under construction

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