Launch Coaster (Gerstlauer product)

Launch Coaster
Lynet, the first Launch Coaster
Status Discontinued
Introduced 2008
Discontinued 2021
Number built 2
First built Lynet (5 June 2008)
Last built Anubis The Ride
(5 April 2009)
Rider height
  • Minimum: 120 cm
  • Min. unaccompanied: 140 cm
 Gerstlauer, Germany
Type Steel - Launched
Riders per train 6
Propulsion LSM Launch
The car on Anubis The Ride

The Launch Coaster was a model of steel launched roller coaster previously manufactured by German manufacturer Gerstlauer. It debuted in 2008 with Lynet at Fårup Sommerland and contained the first launched coasters manufactured by Gerstlauer. It was removed from Gerstlauer's website in 2022.


The Launch Coaster was originally marketed as a large, thrilling yet cheap launched roller coaster. This was similar to the marketing of Gerstlauer's Euro-Fighter model. The first installation was at Fårup Sommerland in 2008, with the second installation appearing at Plopsaland De Panne only a year later. That same year would also see the installation of Fluch von Novgorod at Hansa Park in Germany. This Euro-Fighter would feature a LSM Launch similar to the Launch Coaster. This addition to the Euro-Fighter would cause no other installations of the Launch Coaster to be sold. The introduction of the Infinity Coaster in 2013 would be the final nail in the coffin for the Launch Coaster, since it would also feature the option for an LSM launch. Gerstlauer did introduce another launch coaster model after the inevitable cancellation of the Launch Coaster; the Infinity Inverted Coaster in 2023. This new model would also be inverted, making it destinct from both the Euro-Fighter and Infinity Coaster.


Just like with its marketing, the design of the Launch Coaster was very similar to the Euro-fighter. The main difference between the two models where the trains. The Euro-Fighter features cars with 2 rows, each seating 4 people across. This gives them a capacity of 8 people per train. This is in contrast of the Launch Coaster cars. These smaller, sleeker cars would only seat 6 people due to it have 3 rows that each seat 2 people across. This smaller train design was made in order to give the LSM's lighter trains to launch, whihc would need less energy and be overall cheaper in concept. These Launch Coaster Cars also featured stadium seating, making the first row lower and the back row higher compared to the middle row. Each row would also have more space between seats. These features where meant to give each row a better view compared to the Euro-Fighter.

The Launch Coaster features magnetic brakes and mechanical holding brakes. It used Linear Synchronous Motors (Or LSM) to launch riders up to 1.2g's in 3 seconds. These motors had an optional kinetic storage system to preserve some lost energy. Gerstlauer offered the Launch Coaster with foundations and a base frame. A base frame version was never sold.


All models debuted as a custom layout before ending up in the catalog, allowing other parks to purchase the same layout. This phenomenon happens with every Gerstlauer model.

540m 600m
Length 540 metres 600 metres
Height 20 metres 34 metres
Speed 80 km/h 90 km/h
No. build 1 1


Name Park Country Layout Opened Status
Lynet Fårup Sommerland
540 June 5, 2008 Operating
Anubis The Ride Plopsaland De Panne
600 April 5, 2009 Operating

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