Kiddy Racer

Kiddy Racer
Status Discontinued
Introduced 2013
Discontinued 2022
Number built 11
Last built Unknown (2020)
Rider height
  • Minimum: 90 cm
  • Maximum: 120 cm
 Gerstlauer, Germany
Type Steel - Kiddie
Riders per train 1
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Area 6.8 metres × 10.8 metres
Power consumption 0.75 KW
Height 1.6 metres
Top speed 15 km/h
Length 22 metres
Inversions 0
The model's car

The Kiddy Racer was a model of steel kiddie roller coaster previously manufactured by German manufacturer Gerstlauer. It is the smallest Gerstlauer roller coaster model. It debuted in 2013, though the truly first installation isn't known due to missing dates. It was discontinued in 2022, being officially replaced with the Bob Coaster as the smallest coaster model by Gerstlauer. The Bob Coaster does allow adults to ride, being a possible reason for it replacing the Kiddy Racer.


The Ride's layout

The Kiddy Racer has an oval layout with a curved drop, single hill and a left-hand turn and is designed for children between 0.9 metres and 1.2 metres. It has a track width of 250 Millimeters. The Kiddy Racer is the only Gerstlauer roller coaster product to only feature 1 layout. No custom layouts exist either. This even goes for the colour scheme; every installation has red track and yellow supports. The supports of the kiddy racer are fitted on a base frame instead of using footers. This allows the model to fit on all kinds of terrain without having to pour footers, bringing the overall cost down. This was also seen on the compact layouts of the Euro-Fighter. This also returned in the Bob Coaster, being the Kiddy Racer's spiritual succesor.

Kiddy Racers feature a single car which seats a single rider. Riders are held in by a lap-bar restraint. These cars are all designed like soapboxes, including non-functioning steering wheel. All the installations use this same car design. The colour of the car's interior is always blue, except for Huracanito where it is red. It is unknown if this was done by the park itself or by Gerstlauer. The Kiddie Racer can be operated by either park staff or the parents of the riding kid.


Name Park Country Opened Status
Achterbahn Tierpark Essehof
2014 Operating
Seifenkiste Trampolino Familien- und Freizeitpark
March 2014 In storage
Erli's Seifenkiste Erlebnispark Steinau
March 29, 2014 Operating
Seifenkiste Jaderpark
April 2014 Operating
Huracanito Belantis
April 19, 2014 Operating
Herkules Familypark
May 2015 Operating
Hilly-Billy-Race Tier- und Freizeitpark Thüle
2017 Operating
Cobralino Conny-Land
April 8, 2017 Operating
Kiddy-Racer Potts Park
April 8, 2017 Operating
Mały Wiking Rabkoland
June 28, 2017 Operating
Unknown BergTierPark Blindham
2020 Operating

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