Snow White's Scary Adventures (Magic Kingdom)

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Snow White's Scary Adventures
Formerly called Snow White's Adventures (1971-1994)
The ride entrance in 2007
Magic Kingdom
Location Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA
Coordinates 33°48′47″N 117°55′09″W / 33.8131°N 117.9192°W / 33.8131; -117.9192
Park section Fantasyland
Status Defunct
Operated October 1, 1971 to May 31, 2012
Theme manufacturer WED Enterprises
Replaced by Princess Fairytale Hall
Manufacturer Arrow Development
Animatronics 8

Snow White's Scary Adventures, formerly known as Snow White's Adventures, was a Dark Ride that formerly operated at Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, United states. Opening with the park, the ride would be infamous for its deceptively scary nature, then being toned down in 1994, and operating until 2012.


When a version of the at the time named Snow White and Her Adventures was proposed for the new park in Florida, Claude Coats, an imagineer who had worked on The Haunted Mansion and had intended to make that ride darker, took the project to a scarier version of what was proposed. The ride was one of the original attractions to be built for the opening.

As the years went by, guests complained that the ride was too scary for children and Snow White wasn't featured in it at all. The idea was for guests to pretend they were Snow White, but not alot of people got it, as she never saw the queen become the witch or go to the diamond mine. It got so bad, that not even a few years after opening the bracket "SCARY" were put on park tickets, along with warnings outside the entrance.

Despite all the complaints, there were kids that didn't find it scary and the ride would remain unchanged, for more than 20 years after opening. However, this was about to change in a new way. After taking in the absurd amount of guests' feedback about the ride, the Imagineers proposed a less scary and toned-down version of the attraction, that reused some of the effects from the at the time current ride. The final ride was held at the end of summer 1994, and from there work began. The exterior would remain unchanged, but the inside would be revamped with new blacklight effects, the complete revamp of the ending to be lighter (bringing an end to the infamous cartoon starbursts), and appearances of Snow White and the Dwarves (who only appeared in one scene in total in the original ride.) This version of the ride would operate for more than 18 years, with little to no changes made afterwards.

Interesting to note that cartoon starbursts do play a role in Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, but in a completely different way (the ride technology had been updated since then.)

On May 31, 2012, after the announcement of New Fantasyland which would completely overhaul the land, Snow White's Scary Adventures would close permanently. An autistic kid who loved the ride, Ben Miles, attended the closing and rode it numerous times, even being greeted by Snow White herself. The ride would be replaced with a meet and greet named Princess Fairytale Hall. The exterior of the former ride remains.


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