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Big Apple Coaster (New York, New York Hotel & Casino)

Big Apple Coaster (New York, New York Hotel & Casino)

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roller coaster
Big Apple Coaster
Roller Coaster (New York New York Hotel & Casino) 01.jpg
New York, New York Hotel & Casino
Location Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Status Operating since March 1, 1997
Manufacturer TOGO
Type Steel - Virtual reality
Riders per train 16
Propulsion Chain lift
Height203 feet
Drop144 feet
Top speed67 mph
Length4,777 feet
Steepest drop55°

Big Apple Coaster is a TOGO roller coaster located at New York, New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. It originally opened in 1997 as "Manhattan Express". The ride's trains are themed to New York taxicabs. In 2004, the trains of the ride were replaced with a newer train made by Premier Rides.

In January 2018, New York New York announced that from February 7, 2018, riders would be able to pay $20 to wear a virtual reality headset on the ride. The VR experience will depict aliens taking over Las Vegas.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Roller Coaster, along with the Stratosphere Tower can be seen in the music video for Off The Record by Tinchy Strider and Calvin Harris.

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