John Wardley

John Wardley
Nationality British
Company Tussauds Group
Merlin Entertainments
Born 6 June 1950
Years active 1975-2013
Known for Rides such as Nemesis, Oblivion, Galactica and Vampire

John Wardley is a British roller coaster designer. He is known for having worked with the Tussauds Group and Merlin Entertainments to create rides such as Nemesis and Vampire. He also played a part in the design of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. Due to this, his name is one of the game's cheat codes. This cheat code removes all height restrictions.

He retired in 2013 after working on The Smiler.

But did still consult for other future attractions of other European parks like Flug Der Daemonen in Heide Park in 2014 and Wicker Man in 2018.

Roller coasters

Name Park Opened Status
Scorpion Express Chessington World of Adventures 1987 Operating
Vampire Chessington World of Adventures 1990 Operating
Runaway Mine Train Alton Towers 1992 Operating
Nemesis Alton Towers 1994 Operating
Dragon Khan PortAventura Park 1995 Operating
Megafobia Oakwood Theme Park 1996 Operating
Stampida PortAventura Park 1997 Operating
Oblivion Alton Towers 1998 Operating
Rattlesnake Chessington World of Adventures 1998 Operating
Galactica Alton Towers 2002 Operating
Colossus Thorpe Park 2002 Operating
Nemesis Inferno Thorpe Park 2003 Operating
Saw - The Ride Thorpe Park 2009 Operating
Thirteen Alton Towers 2010 Operating
Raptor Gardaland 2011 Operating
Krake Heide Park 2011 Operating
The Swarm Thorpe Park 2012 Operating
The Smiler Alton Towers 2013 Operating
Flug der Dämonen Heide Park 2014 Operating
Wicker Man Alton Towers 2018 Operating

Other attractions

Name Park Opened Status
Dragon River Chessington World of Adventures 1987 Operating
Log Flume Barry Island Pleasure Park 1980 Closed 2009
Haunted Goldmine Barry Island Pleasure Park 1977 Closed 2009
Haunted House Alton Towers 1992 Operating
Hex Alton Towers 2000 Operating
Jungle Ride Barry Island Pleasure Park c.1975 Closed 2009
Professor Burp's Bubbleworks Chessington World of Adventures 1990 Operating
Uncle Frankenstein's Scream Machine Barry Island Pleasure Park 1975 Closed 1986