Saw - The Ride

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Saw - The Ride
Saw - The Ride (Thorpe Park) 01.jpg
roller coaster
Thorpe Park
Location Chertsey, Surrey, England, UK
Status Operating since March 14, 2009
Cost £15,000,000
Height restriction 55 inches (140 cm)
Manufacturer Gerstlauer
Designer / calculations John Wardley
Type Steel
Model / product Eurofighter
Propulsion Vertical chain lift hill
Height100 feet
Top speed55 mph
Length2362 feet
Steepest drop100°
Saw - The Ride drop.jpg

Saw - The Ride is a steel roller coaster located in the Old Town area of Thorpe Park in Surrey, England. The ride is themed around the horror movie franchise, "Saw". It was built by Gerstlauer and is a Euro-Fighter model.

History[edit | edit source]

Planning permission was granted on 30 January 2008 for a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter roller coaster. At this time, the ride statistics were revealed.[1]

Saw The Ride was announced on 14 October 2008. It was marketed as the "scariest ride in the world".[2]

The ride closed for "The Foreseeable Future" on 5 June 2015 following an incident on The Smiler at sister park Alton Towers. It reopened later that year on July 9.

Design[edit | edit source]


The ride begins with an enclosed "dark ride" section, which contains two drops, two stationary scenes and a heartline roll. The outside section begins with a 100 ft 100° drop straight into spinning blades located at the base of the drop to create a "head-chopper" effect. The remainder of the ride features airtime and two inversions.

Theme[edit | edit source]

The ride is themed around the Saw horror movies, with numerous traps from the movies placed in the queue. Also, there is an animatronic of the Billy character in the dark ride portion. Due to being the only coaster in the world to be themed to a horror movie when it opened in 2009, SAW - The Ride was labelled as "The Scariest Ride in the World".

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