amusement park
Gävle, Gävleborgs, Sweden
Status Operating
Opened 1905
Owner Parks & Resorts Scandinavia
Website https://www.furuvik.se/en
The park map

Furuvik is a theme park and zoo in Gävle, Gävleborgs, Sweden. The park opened in 1905 and currently contains three roller coasters. In 2010, the park was purchased by Parks & Resorts Scandinavia.

Roller coasters[edit | edit source]

Present[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Draken Zierer Family May 16, 2020 Operating
Fireball Vekoma Family


2017 Operating
Rocket Schwarzkopf Steel 21 May 2011 Operating

Past[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Relocated
Batman Fabbri Spinning 17 May 2007 2008 Malmö Folkets Park
Lilla Bergbanan DAL Amusement Rides Company Kiddie 2003 2019 Unknown
Superloopen Pinfari Zyklon 1991 2000 Unknown

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