Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland

Roller coaster in Belgium
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Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland
Plopsaland De Panne
Location Adinkerke-De Panne, West Flanders, Flemish Region, Belgium
Coordinates 51°04′52″N 2°35′55″E / 51.081041°N 2.598747°E / 51.081041; 2.598747
Status Operating since 1 July 2021
Cost €15,000,000
Soundtrack Yes
Rider height 130 cm minimum
Manufacturer Mack Rides
Product Xtreme Spinning Coaster
Type Steel - Launched - Spinning
Riders per train 16
Propulsion LSM launch
LSM boost
Height 33 metres
Top speed 90 km/h
Length 920 metres
Inversions 6

Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland is a steel launched spinning roller coaster at Plopsaland De Panne in Adinkerke-De Panne, West Flanders, Flemish Region, Belgium. It is the second Xtreme Spinning Coaster from Mack Rides and opened on 1 July 2021.


In October 2018, park CEO Steve Van den Kerkhof revealed plans to build a new attraction which he described as the "successor to Anubis The Ride".[1] The ride was announced on 24 September 2019. Not many details were confirmed other than that it would be a "large coaster", but the use of a picture of Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City strongly indicated that it would be an Xtreme Spinning Coaster from Mack Rides. The name "Robo-Spinner" was announced.[2]

On 20 October 2019, plans for the ride were leaked.

Some track pieces arrived onsite in October 2020.[3] Assembly was completed in January 2021.[4]

On 15 January 2021, Plopsaland De Panne revealed the name and theme of the ride on their blog. It was also revealed that the ride would have an on-board soundtrack based on the Tomorrowland Hymn by Hans Zimmer.[5] Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland would cost €15,000,000 ($18,000,000 USD) to build.

Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland officially opened to the public on 1 July 2021.



Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland is an Xtreme Spinning Coaster from Mack Rides, similar to Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City.


2 trains with 4 cars per train. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows, for a total of 16 riders per train.


On 19 February 2022 at around 17:30, a train with nine riders stalled at the highest point of the ride. The park was subsequently closed to allow firefighters access to the ride. The rescue operation was unable to start until around 21:00 due to high winds.[6] The ride reopened with a single train a week after the incident. Two-train operation was restored in early May. The reason why the incident occurred was not determined, though the stalled train was travelling slower than normal.[7] Drive tyres were installed on the hill the next year.[8]



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