Roaring Falls


Roaring Falls
Celebration City
Location Branson, Missouri, USA
Status Defunct
Operated April 18, 2008 to 2008
Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom
Location Aurora, Ohio, USA
Operated 2000 to September 16, 2007
Manufacturer Hopkins
Product Shoot The Chute

Roaring Falls was a Shoot The Chute built by US manufacturer Hopkins previously located at at Celebration City in Branson, Missouri, USA.


Shipwreck Falls opened in 2000 as part of the Six Flags Ohio remodel.

After Cedar Fair sold the park and renamed it to Geauga Lake in 2004, Shipwreck Falls stayed in its original form. In September 2007, the amusement park section of Geauga Lake closed for good.[1] The ride was sent to Celebration City, where it opened on April 18, 2008.[2] However, it only operated for a single season, as Celebration City closed that same year.[3]


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