Raging Wolf Bobs

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Raging Wolf Bobs
roller coaster
Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom
Location Aurora, Ohio, USA
Status Defunct
Operated May 28, 1988 to June 16, 2007
Cost $2,500,000
Height restriction 48 inches (122 cm)
Manufacturer Dinn Corporation
Designer / calculations Curtis D. Summers
Type Wooden
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Height80 feet
Top speed50 mph
Length3426 feet
Steepest drop50°
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Raging Wolf Bobs was a wooden roller coaster located at Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom amusement park in Ohio. Designed by Curtis D. Summers to resemble Bobs, a popular roller coaster at the defunct Riverview Park in Chicago, Raging Wolf Bobs was constructed by the Dinn Corporation and opened to the public in 1988. It operated until June 16, 2007, following an accident involving the derailing of a train that unexpectedly rolled backward on one of the track's hills. Later that season, park owners Cedar Fair announced the permanent closure of Geauga Lake, sealing the fate of Raging Wolf Bobs.

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Trains[edit | edit source]

2 trains with 6 cars per train. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 24 riders per train.

The Raging Wolf Bobs' original trailered PTC trains were replaced by a Gerstlauer train taken from the Villain for the 2003 season. For the 2005 season another used Gerstlauer train from Holiday World's Legend was added.

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