Viper (Six Flags Darien Lake)

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Six Flags Darien Lake
Location Darien Center, New York, USA
Status Operating since May 29, 1982[1]
Cost $6,500,000
Manufacturer Arrow Dynamics
Type Steel
Product Custom Looping Coaster
Riders per train 28
Hourly capacity 2,240
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Height 121 feet
Drop 75 feet
Top speed 50 mph
Length 3100 feet
Inversions 5
Duration 2:04
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Viper is a steel roller coaster located at Six Flags Darien Lake in Darien Center, New York, USA. Built by Arrow Dynamics for $6.5 Million USD and opened in May 1982, it was the first roller coaster in the world with five inversions and the first major roller coaster at the park.[2][3][4][5]



The elements of the roller coaster are a chain lift hill, a vertical loop, a batwing, a double corkscrew, an on-ride photo camera, a helix and a subterranean tunnel.

Color scheme

Viper was originally painted entirely black when it opened. In 1999, the track was repainted lime green. In 2010, the color scheme was reverted to the original all-black.


Each train features a black bottom with a dark green snake scale top. The seat backs are also green, however they are a few shades darker than the main body of the train. The front car features a pair of snake eyes to resemble a Viper.

Darien Lake generally operates Viper with only a single train regardless of wait times. 3 trains with 7 cars per train. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows, for a total of 28 riders per train.



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Most inversions on a roller coaster (5)
May 1982 - April 1987
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Most inversions on a roller coaster (5)
May 1982 - April 1987
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