Wing Coaster (Bolliger & Mabillard model)

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This article is about the Bolliger & Mabillard product. For the general roller coaster type, see Winged roller coaster.
A Wing Coaster train

A Wing Coaster is a roller coaster model line designed by Bolliger & Mabillard which features winged seats. Riders are suspended on either side of the track, secured with over-the-shoulder restraints.


Name Park Opened Layout Status
April 1, 2011 Custom Operating
Thorpe Park
March 15, 2012 Custom Operating
Wild Eagle
March 24, 2012 Custom Operating
Six Flags Great America
May 10, 2012 Custom Operating
Cedar Point
May 11, 2013 Custom Operating
Parrot Coaster
Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
January 25, 2014 Custom Operating
Flug der Dämonen
Heide Park
March 29, 2014 Custom Operating
Holiday World
April 25, 2015 Custom Operating
Flying Wing Coaster
Happy Valley
July 8, 2017 Flying Wing Coaster Operating
July 7, 2018 Custom Operating
Heaven's Wing
Huayi Brothers Movie World
2018 Hot Go Operating
Snow Peak Eagles
Colourful Yunnan Happy World
2018 Custom Operating
Hot Go Dreamworld
2018 Hot Go Under construction
Wuxi Wanda City
2019 Custom Under construction
Happy Valley
2019 Flying Wing Coaster Under construction

Similar Rides

Intamin has developed a similar ride, known as a WingRider. It is actually an Accelerator Coaster with modified trains that suspended on the sides of the track. The only ride of its type, as of 2012, is Furius Baco at PortAventura ParkIntamin also has another similar ride, known as a Wing Coaster. It features traditional above track seating, with additional wing seating. The only two coasters of this type, as of 2016 are: Skyrush at Hersheypark & Flying Aces at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

This ride is similar to a 4th dimension roller coaster. However, their cars spin, while Wing Coaster cars do not (they stay in a stationary fowards postion).