Bugs Bunny High Sea Adventure

Bugs Bunny High Sea Adventure
Six Flags Over Georgia
Location Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Status Defunct
Operated 1986 to 2020
Manufacturer Intamin
Product Flying Dutchman

Bugs Bunny High Sea Adventure was a ride located at Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


The attraction debuted as part of the new Looney Tunes Land area in 1986. It was originally called Yosemite Sam Buccaneer Boats.[1][2] In 1994, when Looney Tunes Land became Bugs Bunny World, the name of the attraction was changed to Santa Maria.[3] For the 2016 season, Bugs Bunny World became Bugs Bunny Boomtown and the attraction was again renamed, becoming Bugs Bunny High Sea Adventure.[4]

The attraction was removed in 2021.[5]


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