Skycoaster (Six Flags Over Georgia)

Ride in the United States
Watch the on-ride POV
Six Flags Over Georgia
Location Austell, Georgia, USA
Status Operating since 1996
Manufacturer Sky Fun 1 Inc.
Product Skycoaster
Capacity 3 per cycle
Height 180 feet

Skycoaster is a Skycoaster built by US manufacturer Sky Fun 1 Inc. currently located at Six Flags Over Georgia in Austell, Georgia, USA. It opened in 1996.


The ride first opened in 1996 as Fearless Freep's Dare Devil Dive. That name was inspired by a Looney Tunes cartoon, High Diving Hare, in which Yosemite Sam attempts to coerce Bugs Bunny into performing a high-diving act when the show's star, Fearless Freep, is unavailable. It was simply renamed Skycoaster in the early 2010s.

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