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Drachen Fire

Drachen Fire

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roller coaster
Drachen Fire
Drachen Fire01.jpg
Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Location Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
Status Defunct
Operated April 4, 1992 to July 1998
Cost $4,000,000 USD
Manufacturer Arrow Dynamics
Designer / calculations Ron Toomer
Type Steel
Model / product Custom Looping Coaster
Riders per train 28
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Height150 feet
Drop145 feet
Top speed60 mph
Length3,550 feet

Drachen Fire was a steel multi-looping roller coaster located at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. It operated from 1992 to 1998 and was built by Arrow Dynamics.

The ride gained a reputation of being uncomfortable and rough, which led to poor ridership. For this reason, it was closed in 1998 and subsequently listed for sale.[1]

Design[edit | edit source]

Drachen Fire was originally going to be a Bolliger & Mabillard Sitting Coaster, similar to Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa. However, B&M refused to build the ride due to only being a small company at the time and having too much demand, so Busch Gardens turned to Arrow Dynamics instead. Drachen Fire was unlike any other Arrow ride due to its use of cylindrical supports instead of Arrow's normal box support design. It also had a new vehicle design. It is believed that Arrow designed the ride like this in order to parallel B&M's ride.Citation needed

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