Power Tower (Valleyfair)

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Power Tower
Location Shakopee, Minnesota, USA
Status Operating since May 6, 2000
Manufacturer S&S Worldwide
Product Triple Tower
Capacity 12 riders per tower per cycle
Height 275 feet

Power Tower is a Drop Tower ride located at Valleyfair in Shakopee, Minnesota, USA. Opened in 2000, it is the park's tallest ride at 275 feet. The ride has three towers - two are Turbo Drop towers which slowly rise to the top before dropping, while the other is a Space Shot tower which launches riders upward from the ground.


The attraction was announced on August 18, 1999.[1]

The ride was originally intended to be 300 feet tall similar to the version at Cedar Point, but the Federal Aviation Administration prohibits Valleyfair's rides from being built taller than 275 feet because of the nearby Flying Cloud Airport.

Power Tower officially opened on May 6, 2000.[2]



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