Wildcat (Jolly Roger Amusement Park)

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Jolly Roger Amusement Park
Location Ocean City, Maryland, USA
Status Operating since 2015
Jolly Roger Amusement Park
Name Wildcat
Location Ocean City, Maryland, USA
Operated 1999 to 2001
Name Rails
Location Shakopee, Minnesota, USA
Operated 1979 to 1998
Cedar Point
Name Wildcat
Location Sandusky, Ohio, USA
Operated May 23, 1970 to 1978
Manufacturer Schwarzkopf
Designer / calculations Werner Stengel
Type Steel
Product Wildcat
Riders per train 4
Inversions 0

Wildcat is a steel roller coaster built by German manufacturer Schwarzkopf currently located at Jolly Roger Amusement Park in Ocean City, Maryland, USA.


It has been located at 3 different parks thus far. After closing at Jolly Roger Amusement Park in 2001 it was put in storage before being reassembled and reopened at the same park in 2015.


This ride is one of many Schwarzkopf Wildcat models produced.


Single car trains. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows, for a total of 4 riders per car.

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