Wildcat (model)

WildCat (Cedar Point).jpg
WildCat at Cedar Point, a WildCat 65m model
Status Discontinued
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The Wildcat was a line of portable roller coasters designed and built by Anton Schwarzkopf and his company. There are three models, the 45m, 54m and 65m (referring to the width of the ride's base). All the models have a similar layout.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

45m 54m 65m
Height 35 feet 45 feet 50 feet
Length 1,378 feet 1,509 feet 1,837 feet
Dimensions 150 feet x 62 feet 180 feet x 65 feet 215 feet x 72 feet
Riders per hour (aprox) 900 1000 1000
Power required 73kw 94kw 112kw
Mass (aprox) 62,005 long tons 74,800 long tons 83,658 long tons
Volume 3 40 feet containers 4 40 feet containers 5 50 feet containers

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