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Great Escape
Location Queensbury, New York, USA
Status Operating since May 2009
Replaced Rainbow
Six Flags New Orleans
Location New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Operated May 20, 2000 to August 21, 2005
Manufacturer S&S-Sansei Technologies
Product Combo Tower
One Space Shot and one Turbo Drop tower

Sasquatch is a pair of drop towers located at Great Escape in Queensbury, New York, USA. The towers previously operated at Six Flags New Orleans.


The attraction opened with Six Flags New Orleans on May 20, 2000. The turbo drop tower was named Sonic Slam and the space shot tower was named Bayou Blaster.[1] The towers closed with the park in August 2005 in preparation for Hurricane Katrina.[2] Following severe flooding, Six Flags New Orleans never reopened and the two towers were dismantled.[3]

In July 2008, during a visit to Great Escape, the CEO of Six Flags teased that "an iconic ride" would be added. On September 16, 2008, Great Escape officially announced the addition of Sasquatch.[4] The ride was installed where Rainbow previously stood and was repainted by Baynum Painting.[5] Sasquatch opened in May 2009.[6]



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