Dream Park (Egypt)

Dream Park
6th of October City, Giza, Egypt
Status Operating
Opened 1999
Website http://www.dreamparkegypt.com/

Dream Park is an amusement park located in 6th of October City, Giza, Egypt.

Present roller coasters (3)

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Dark Ride Vekoma Enclosed 1999 Operating
Family Coaster Vekoma Family 1999 Operating
Roller Coaster Vekoma Inverted 1999 Operating

Operating attractions

Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Antique Cars Gould Manufacturing Track Ride 1999
Break Dance HUSS Enterprise 1999
Bumper Cars Unknown Dodgems 1999
Butter Fly Zamperla Jump Around 2013
Carousel Chance Rides Carousel 1999
Cloud Racer Zamperla Junior Jets 1999
Condor HUSS Condor 1999
Crazy Bus Zamperla Junior Flying Carpet 1999
Crazy Pineapple HUSS Superbowl/Flipper 2008 or earlier
Discovery Zamperla Frisbee 2008 or earlier
Dragon Zamperla Roundabout 1999
Dream Park Express Severn Lamb Miniature Railway 1999
Enterprise HUSS Enterprise 1999
Ferris Wheel Zamperla Ferris Wheel 1999
Fire Brigade Zamperla Fire Brigade 2013
Go Karts J&J Amusements Go-Karts 1999
Helicopter Zamperla Junior Jets 2002 or earlier
Jump Around Zamperla Jump Around 2013
Lolli Swing Zamperla Junior Waveswinger 2002 or earlier
Mini Carousel Zamperla Junior Carousel 2013
Mini Ferris Wheel Zamperla Junior Ferris Wheel 2013
Mini Swing Zamperla Junior Chair-O-Plane 2013
Mini Tea Cups Zamperla Junior Teacups 2013
Mini Train Zamperla Junior Railway 2013
Rapid River Intamin River Rapids 1999
Samba Balloon Zamperla Samba Balloon 2013
Shoot Drop HUSS Drop Tower 2001 or earlier
Spill Water Intamin Shoot The Chute 1999
Super Spin Zamperla Super Spin 2015
Swing Ship Zamperla Pirate Ship 1999
Tea Cups Mack Rides Teacups 1999
Top Spin HUSS Top Spin 1999
Tornado Zamperla Star Flyer 2010
Tow Boat Intamin Scenic Boat Ride 1999
Truck Convoy Zamperla Track Ride 2013
Wind Racer Zamperla Balloon Race 1999

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