Roller coaster
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Movieland Park
Location Lago di Garda, Veneto, Italy
Status Operating since 24 April 2015
Six Flags America
Name Two-Face: The Flip Side
Location Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA
Operated 8 May 1999 to 2007
Replaced Python
Replaced by Ragin' Cajun
Manufacturer Vekoma
Product Invertigo
Type Steel - Inverted - Shuttle
Riders per train 28
Area 86 metres × 30 metres
Height 40 metres
Top speed 80.5 km/h
Length 309 metres
Track inversions 3
Rider inversions 6
Duration 1:30
G-Force 5.0

Diabolik is a steel inverted shuttle roller coaster located at Movieland Park in Lago di Garda, Veneto, Italy. The ride was previously located at Six Flags America where it was called Two-Face: The Flip Side. It is an Invertigo model built by Vekoma.


The ride at its current location

Built in 1999 (after "Adventure World" was bought by Six Flags in 1998), it was two of the three rides to be built by Six Flags (Roar being the first and Joker's Jinx being the other) for their newly acquired park. The ride was built and manufactured by Vekoma as a Boomerang Invertigo model, with the theming of the Batman villain Two-Face (Harvey Dent), the first and only Six Flags ride to be themed to him. Unlike other Six Flags park that featured regular models of the Boomerang design, called Boomerang: Coast to Coaster, this ride featured an orange colored track and teal beam supports. It was also the only Invertigo model to operate at a Six Flags park. The ride was located in the park's Southwest territory and was on the spot previously occupied by Python, an Arrow Dynamics launched loop which closed the previous year.[1] For eight years, the ride remained popular and suffered few malfunctions. Besides a major stall in August 2003, the ride had not featured any type of major malfunction as that of October 2007. Two-Face: The Flip Side did not operate at all throughout the 2008 season.

Two-Face: The Flip Side was relocated to Movieland Park in Italy. It was repainted blue and renamed Diabolik. The ride would now be themed to thieves. Diabolik would open to the general public on April 24, 2015, eight years after it closed at its original location.



Color scheme

Blue track and supports.


Single train with 7 cars. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows, for a total of 28 riders per train.


In 2003, the train stalled on one of the lift hills leaving riders stranded for two hours due to an apparent electrical fault.[2]

On 16 October 2007, the ride unexpectedly stopped on one of the lift hills. When one of the ride attendants attempted to rescue the riders, the train unintentionally moved back into the station and ripped a pipeline that carried hydraulic fluid. This hot fluid sprayed onto the faces of 12 riders, causing minor injuries that required two people to go to a local hospital. In addition, ten victims were treated at the scene for back and neck injuries. Before the fluid sprayed, one of the riders used their cell phone to dial 911 in request of assistance from Prince George's County rescue teams. Park officials stated that the ride had been inspected that same day and was clear of any problems; however, Maryland investigators said that the newer technology of roller coasters of the 2003 era feature technology that is more difficult to comprehend than older models, thus making it almost impossible to find the cause of the incident. Maryland's Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation ordered the closure of the ride including retaining the certificate of operation for the ride, until the ride could be proven safe, which never occurred. Eventually it was noted that a safety sensor had malfunctioned and caused the coaster to stall and unexpectedly jolt back to the station. For the 2008 season, the ride sat standing but not operating while the investigation continued, although due to the many breakdowns of the ride, it was put up for sale and eventually bought by an unknown client. By 2009, the ride had been dismantled, and the site remained vacant with a video game advertisement and the former station. However, in 2014, Ragin' Cajun replaced the ride as part of the retheme from Southwest Territory to Mardi Gras.



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