Amusement park in Poland
Chorzów, Śląskie, Poland
Status Operating
Opened September 1959
Owner Tatry Mountain Resorts
Previous names Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko (1959 to 2016)
Website https://www.legendia.pl/

Legendia is an amusement park located in Chorzów, Śląskie, Poland.


The park opened in September 1959 under the name of Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko (Polish for Silesian Amusement Park). For the 2017 season the park underwent a renovation which saw a new name, the installation of Lech Coaster and the refurbishment of existing rides.

Roller coasters

Present (4)

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Diabelska Pętla Soquet Sit-Down June 24, 2007 Operating
Dream Hunters Society Interpark Sit-Down 2003 or earlier Operating
Lech Coaster Vekoma Sit-Down July 1, 2017 Operating
Scary Toys Factory Unknown Sit-Down 2015 Standing but not operating since 2020


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Blizzard Diego Cavazza Sit-Down April 24, 2008 March 2010 Relocated to Joyland Amusement Park
Funny Mouse Pinfari Family 2007 March 2010 Travelling Netherlands
Kolejka Górska Cezary Borowiak Family 2010 2013 Unknown
Kosmos Coaster Unknown Family Unknown 2013 Unknown



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Air Balloons SBF Visa Group Samba Balloon 2007
Apollo Soriani & Moser Ramba Zamba/Swingaround 2000
Bazyliszek ETF Ride Systems Trackless Dark Ride 2018
Carousel of Love Unknown Carousel 2017
Circus Tea Cups SBF Visa Group Junior Teacups 2015
Circus Train Industrias Falgas Junior Railway 2015
Diamond River Unknown Shoot The Chute 2016
Dolina Jagi HAFEMA Water Rides River Rapids 2020
Dragon Temple HUSS Rainbow 2016
Dream Flight Airlines Unknown Flying Machine 1959
Electric Ring Barbieri Superbob/Musik Express 2014 or earlier
Fish 'n' Wish Mack Rides Roundabout 2014
Legendia Flower Unknown Ferris Wheel 1985
Magical Lake Expedition Fabbri Pirate Ship 2016
Magical Postal Service SBF Visa Group Track Ride 2016
Phoenix HUSS Enterprise 2000
Podniebni Łowcy SBF Visa Group Balloon Tower 2007
Royal Ballroom Mack Rides Trabant/Satellite 1980
Sky Flyer Vekoma Ranger 2013
Super Ześlizg Unknown Giant Slide 2015
Sweet Dreams SDC Chair-O-Plane 2014
Tea Cups Mack Rides Teacups 2013


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Break Dance HUSS Breakdance 2007 2007 Travelling Switzerland
Circus Hoppala Moser Rides Ranger 2013 2020 Stored
Ghost Castle Unknown Tracked Dark Ride Unknown 2010 Unknown
Mississippi Madness Robles Bouso Atracciones Funhouse 2008 Unknown Scrapped
Pałac strachów Unknown Tracked Dark Ride Unknown 2012 Scrapped
Rainbow HUSS Rainbow 2008 or earlier 2010 Travelling Poland
River Splash Reverchon Log Flume 2008 2009 Relocated to Papéa Parc
Skyflyer Vekoma Ranger 2007 2008 Relocated to Vidámpark
Smocza jama Unknown Tracked Dark Ride Unknown 2012 Scrapped
Snow Jet SDC Matterhorn Unknown 2008 Travelling Netherlands
Super Ześlizg Unknown Giant Slide 1964 2014 Scrapped
Symulator Astroliner Unknown Simulator Unknown 2010 Unknown
Top Scan Mondial Top Scan 2007 2007 Travelling Ireland