Anton Pieckcarrousel

Anton Pieckcarrousel
Anton Pieckcarrousel Efteling.jpg
Location Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, Netherlands
Park section Marerijk – Anton Pieckplein
Status Operating since 1955
Soundtrack Yes, produced by the organ inside of the ride
Theme Old timey Funfair
Height restriction 1 meter unaccompanied
Manufacturer Arie Brunselaar
Manufactured ± 1900
Designer / calculations Anton Pieck
  • gallopers

Anton Pieckcarrousel is a gallopers build by Dutch manufacturer Arie Brunselaar currently located at Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, Netherlands.

A close-up of the ornament on top of the attraction


The carousel was built around 1900 by Arie Brunselaar. The horses and carriges on the carousel were made by Friedrich Heyn. In 1954, Anton Pieck asked Efteling to buy the carousel, including the organ inside, to use in the park.[1]


The ride is located within the "Anton Pieckplein" (roughly translating to "Anton Piecksquare"), an area of the park themed to an old timey Dutch village in the middle of an classic funfair. Other rides in this area are Grote Zweefmolen, Kleine Zweefmolen, Vermolenmolen and Vlindermolen. The area got a big facelift in 2003, adding more theming and removing some older rides (such as the Jeepmolen).[2]


"Anton Pieck" was a Dutch artist born in 1895. He was the original designer of Efteling, designing the famous "Sprookjesbos" (fairytale forest). The original Anton Pieckplein was named after him to honor his legacy. [3]


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