Avonturen Doolhof

Avonturen Doolhof
Location Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, The Netherlands
Coordinates 51°39′06″N 5°03′09″E / 51.651596°N 5.052366°E / 51.651596; 5.052366
Park section Reizenrijk
Status Defunct
Operated April 13, 1995 to September 5, 2021
Theme Exploration
Replaced by Archipel
Product Walk-Through
Builder Joop van den Heuvel BV
Designer / calculations Henny Knoet

Avonturen Doolhof was a Walk-through designed by Efteling Designer Henny Knoet and build by Dutch company Joop van den Heuvel BV previously located at Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, The Netherlands.


The entrance of Avonturendoolhof

The attraction was built like a hedgemaze, but featured only 1 entrance/exit. This made the point of the maze not finding the exit, but exploring its many features and stories. [1]

Guests would enter the attraction by entering though a keyhole. This made the attraction inaccessible for adults, though adults where allowed to enter. The next elements could be found in any order due to the nature of the attraction. Guests can encounter a bridge that looks like it is suspended by ropes. Fountains cross this bridge on intervals, giving the possibility to get wet. Next to this bridge is a bamboo bridge, there are no fountains on this bridge, but compressed air shooters instead. Just like in traditional mazes, Avonturendoolhof featured a viewing platform. This small platform was shaped like a two way staircase against a wall made of natural bricks. A small bamboo hut was also found in the maze, this hut had the same style as Monsieur Cannibale, which was situated next to Avonturendoolhof. Close by this hut was a well with a big wooden lid on top of it. Its unknown if this well had an actual function. More to the left of the entrance was a telescope. Peeking inside showed a Kaleidoscope effect, making the telescope unable to actually be used as a telescope.

The middle of the maze had a drinking fountain, modeled as a broken pillar. Sound effects played every once in a while. Related to this fountain was a ruined statue of, what seemed to be a roman skater. This statue made noises when approaching it. A gate was settled in between some hedges in the middle of the maze. Opening it was possible, but it would sometimes lock up on seemingly random intervals. Another thing that made this gate special is the fact that it rotated from the middle rather than from the side like a traditional gate. At the far back of the maze was a ruin of a prison guests could enter. Inside of the former cell was a text about one of the dangerous criminals once housed there, and escaped. Guests can also escape this cell themself by crawling through the bars, which where made of rubber.


The attraction was closed after being in disrepair for some years. It was replaced by Archipel, a waterplayground. Archipel was part of the new Wereld van Sindbad themed area, which also contained Vogel Rok and Sirocco, which is a rethemed version of Monsieur Cannibale. A few elements of Avonturendoolhof would be reused for Nest, a playground that replaced Polka Marina. These where the entrance sign, shaped like a scroll, and the Telescope, now being situated on a tower in the aforementioned playground. The bamboo hut remained in tact, and was reused for the village in Archipel.


The attraction was located in the "Reizenrijk" (roughly translating to "Travelrealm") area of the park.


Avonturen Doolhof translates to Adventure Maze. A second name for the attraction, Kinder Avonturen Doolhof, is used sometimes as well.


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