Location Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, Netherlands
Coordinates 51°39′04″N 5°02′56″E / 51.651121°N 5.048922°E / 51.651121; 5.048922
Park section Marerijk
Status Operating since 11 May 1956
Cost 15.475 ƒ
Soundtrack Yes, produced by the organ inside of the ride
Theme Nostalgic
Rider height 100 cm unaccompanied
Replaced Hockey field
Janvier (Traveling)
Location Netherlands
Operated 1903 to 1955
Manufacturer Hendrik Janvier
Product Gallopers
Manufactured From 1895 untill 1903
Builder Joseph Hübner - Jules Moulinas - Carl Müller
Designer / calculations Anton Pieck
Onsite construction Andreas Giezen
  • Indoor
Hourly capacity 400
Cabins 22 horses, 4 carriages and 2 pigs

Stoomcarrousel is a Gallopers ride built by Dutch manufacturer Hendrik Janvier currently located at Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, Netherlands.


The Stoomcarrousel was manufactured between 1895 and 1903 by Hendrik Janvier. Janvier, born in 1868, is seen as the founder of steam carrousels.[1] He used different parts from all kind of manufacturers, since something like a steam carrousel factory did not exist, and would never exist. Steam carrousels could be seen as parks, they evolved every time. Some people would add or remove certain parts of it to their liking.

The facade of the ride

The Facade of the building from Stoomcarrousel, called "Het Carrouselpaleis" (The Carrousel Palace") was obtained from a traveling cinema, being the Cinematograph from Eduard Weidauer. This facade got repainted on site by Andreas Giezen.

The ride's twenty-two horses are manufactured by Joseph Hübner, a manufacturer of wooden carrousel horses. His company started in 1909, which means that the horses where added later. De four carriages are made by Belgian sculptor Jules Moulinas. And the two pigs are build by German Sculptor Carl Müller.

In 1944, steam-machines where no longer seen as viable. And the steam had to be disconnected from the carrousel due to safety concerns. This prompted George Reemer to build a electric motor on top of the steam engine, to keep the carrousel running.

Efteling bought the carrousel in 1955, it is the only surviving steam carrousel in the Netherlands at that point. The ride was built to the opposite side of the entrance to Sprookjesbos, on a former hockey field. While the ride opened to the public in 1956, the full restauration process was completed in 1957. Efteling also bought the last traveling salon carousel from Gouke Sipkema. Not to operate it, but to strip its decorations and use them on Stoomcarrousel. Efteling designer Anton Pieck added a few things to the exterior of the Carrousel Paleis in 1970.[2]


The ride utilities a carrousel originally build by Hendrik Janvier. With 28 different seating spots for guests.


The ride is located in the "Marerijk" area of the park, roughly translating to "Story Realm".


Stoomcarrousel is Steam Carrousel in Dutch


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