Gondoletta (Efteling)

Gondoletta in 2022
Location Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, The Netherlands
Park section Reizenrijk
Status Operating since April 13, 1981
Cost 2 million ƒ
Soundtrack Yes, Allegro Brillante by François-Adrien Boieldieu
Rider height 120 cm minimum
Manufacturer Intamin
Product Tow Boat Ride
Designer / calculations Ton van de Ven
Hourly capacity 720
Speed 2.7 km/h
Cabins 40
Track length 1081 metres
Animatronics 0

Gondoletta is a Scenic Boat Ride built by Swiss manufacturer Intamin currently located at Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, The Netherlands.


Efteling wanted a big new attraction to ride on the huge success of both Spookslot and Python, this ride would be a water based dark ride. The first plans for this attraction where to build it on the island in the middle of the lake in the park, and Gondoletta was build as a prototype, originally meant as a quick test, to be remover later. But the Island dark ride ideas fell through, and the dark ride got moved to a full show building on the other side of the park, this became Fata Morgana. Gondoletta however, had proven itself really popular with guest, and was turned into a permanent attraction.[1]


The ride utilities the Tow Boat Ride system build by Intamin, it features a turntable station. There are 40 boats in total, each boat seating 16 guests. The track has a length of 1081 meters and a maximum speed of 2,7 km/h. It is the longest ride in the entire park, with a ride time of 20 minutes.


The attraction is located in the "Reizenrijk" (roughly translating to "Travelrealm") area of the park.


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