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Location Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, Netherlands
Park section Anderrijk
Status Operating since 18 May 1983
Cost 16 million ƒ
Soundtrack Yes, by Audiocult
Theme Maya
Rider height 120 cm unaccompanied
Manufacturer Intamin
Product River Rapids
Designer / calculations Ton van de Ven
Hourly capacity 1,500
Power consumption 300 kW
Speed 20 km/h
Cabins 35
Track length 600 metres
Animatronics 0

Piraña is a River Rapids ride built by Intamin currently located at Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, Netherlands.


Piraña was the third ride to be constructed as part of a major expansion project, Spookslot and Python being the first and second. The ride was originally planned for 1982, but when the higher-ups went on a investigation visit to Six Flags AstroWorld to check out the first rapids, they found a highly unthemed ride. They decided that this wouldn't be a good fit for Efteling, deciding instead to spend extra time designing special rock formations and buildings to hide the large pumps and other technical equipment. They also thought that the AstroWorld version wasn't thrilling enough, and saw that the version that Breidenbach offered did have the things that they wanted, like a turntable station and a wave-pool. Intamin, not wanting to lose any customers, quickly offered Efteling a design that included everything they wanted. The ride began construction in the winter of 1981.[1]

Piraña got a major renovation in 2014, which redid the entire landscape, making it feel Mexican again, and it included the Dios Gárgola. These water spewing statues were build at two locations along the track and would spit water if a guest on the shore put their hand in an altar. But there is a catch, there is a small chance that the guest who activated the statue would get sprayed with water instead of the boats.[2]


The ride uses the River Rapids system built by Intamin, it features a turntable station. There are 35 boats in total, each boat seating 9 guests. The track has a length of 600 metres.


The ride is located in the "Anderrijk" area of the park, roughly translating to "Different Realm".

Alternative names

Back in the development stages of the ride, two different names where considered alongside Piraña, these where Uru Bamba and Kontiki.


The ride has a Mayan theme, with the station themed after an ancient Mayan temple.


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