Monorail (Efteling)

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Powered Vehicles by CariPro
Monorail (Efteling) 2009 01.jpg
A car from Monorail in 2009
Location Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, Netherlands
Park section Marerijk – Volk van Laaf
Status Operating since April 12, 1990
Soundtrack Yes, by Audiocult
Theme Laven
Height restriction 1.2 m unaccompanied
Replaced Fietsmolen
Manufacturer Vekoma
Product Cycle Monorail
Designer / calculations Ton van de Ven
Capacity 3 per car
Height 3.55 metres
Cabins 25
Track length 450 metres
Animatronics 1

Monorail is a Monorail built by Dutch manufacturer Vekoma currently located at Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, Netherlands. On opening, it was a Cycle Monorail, but it has since been motorised.


Originally, when designing Volk van Laaf, Efteling designer Ton van de Ven had no plans to open a ride in it, he thought that the immersion of the area would be a ride itself. But when approaching Efteling higher-ups to pitch his idea, they decided that it needed an attraction. Ton was a bit upset by this, and designed a monorail that would go around the outskirts of the village, requiring people to walk-through the village to actually see it all. Efteling eventually approved this concept, and construction would begin.[1]


The ride utilities the Cycle Monorail system build by Vekoma. There are 25 snails in total, each seating 2 guests. The track has a length of 450 meters. The ride was originally built as a Cycle Monorail, however has since had motors added to make the ride powered. The motor's where build by Dutch manufacturer CariPro.

All 25 snails have their own name, starting with L, like all names in the Laaf Village. Their names are: Lob, Len, Lub, Laf, Lar, Lif, Lor, Lab, Lak, Lef, Lus, Les, Lijb, Lil, Log, Lol, Lur, Lel, Lis, Lijs, Lal, Lijl, Lok, Lov and Luk


The ride is located in the "Volk van Laaf" area of the park, roughly translating to "Laaf people Village". This village can be found on the outskirts of "Anton Pieck Plein", and is officially park of the "Marerijk" area of the park, roughly translating to "Story Realm".[2]


The ride, like the area it is situated within, is themed to the 'Laven'. Laven are fantasy creatures that resemble humans, but are different in behaviour. For example, Laven are vegetarian, are all male except for one, and will be reborn as a baby laaf (these are called "larfjes") when touched on the belly button by the only female laaf when at a old age. The only way for a Laaf to die is by freezing.

The monorail itself utilizes snails as vehicles, the connection between Laven and snails is not known.

Later Changes

  • 1995: The Snails become motorized, pedaling is no longer possible. The route itself is also changed, a big loop around the station is removed.
  • 2002: The station of the ride receives a soundtrack made by Audiocult.
  • 2004: The operator of the ride is now standing inside of the station, the operator booth is no longer used, and a static figure is placed in it.
  • 2017: The station recieves a design overhaul, the old entrance for the loop around the station is finally filled in, and new windows are added.
  • 2020: The snails get a design change that more closely resembles the original drawings.[3]


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