List of deadly roller coaster accidents

The table below is an incomplete list of roller coaster accidents which resulted in one or more fatality.

Mechanical failure

Roller Coaster Amusement Park No. killed No. injured Date Description Ref.
Big Dipper Battersea Fun Fair 5 13 May 30, 1972 [1]
Big Dipper Krug Park 4 Unknown July 7, 1930 [2]
Mindbender Galaxyland 3 1 June 14, 1986 [3]
Wild Wonder Gillian's Wonderland Pier 2 2 August 28, 1999 [4]
Fujin Raijin II Expoland 1 19 May 5, 2007 [5]
Treetop Twister Lightwater Valley 1 Unknown June 20, 2001 [6]

Also of note: Loop the Loop at White City had a fatal accident in 1906. It isn't known how many died or were injured, and thus it can't be added to the table.

Fatal falls

Roller Coaster Amusement Park Person Date Description Ref.
Rolling Thunder Six Flags Great Adventure Employee August 16, 1981 During a test run, failed to secure his lap bar and assume a good riding position
Black Witch Magic Harbor Park guest April 3, 1983 Restraint failure
Rail Blazer Six Flags St. Louis Park guest July 7, 1984 Fainted during the ride causing her to fall from the stand-up restraint
Comet Lincoln Park Employee August 17, 1986 Possibly standing up
Lightin' Loops Six Flags Great Adventure Park guest June 17, 1987 Restraint not closed properly [7]
Mini Dragon Funland Park Park guest September 11, 1999 [8]
Spinning Coaster Maihim Tokyo Dome City Park guest January 1, 2000 [9]
Superman Ride of Steel Darien Lake Park guest July 8, 2011 War veteran who had lost both his legs. [10]
New Texas Giant Six Flags Over Texas Park guest July 20, 2013 [11]
Inferno Terra Mítica Park guest July 7, 2014 [12]

Struck by the train

Roller Coaster Amusement Park Person Date Description Ref.
Excalibur Six Flags AstroWorld Employee August 9, 1997 While working on a section of track, a train hit the employee. A signal had been sent to the ride operator stating that the track was clear.
Batman The Ride Six Flags Over Georgia Employee May 26, 2002
Batman The Ride Six Flags Over Georgia Park guest June 28, 2008 Decapitated by the passing train while either retrieving a lost hat or taking a shortcut to lunch [13]
Vampire La Ronde Employee July 6, 2012 Entered a restricted area for unknown reasons. [14]
Raptor Cedar Point Park guest August 13, 2015 Entered a restricted area.


Name Amusement park No. killed No. injured Date Description Ref.
Fire In The Hole Silver Dollar City 1 Unknown July 1980 An operator switched a train to the service area, unaware it contained riders. The entrance to the service area had a low roof. All passengers escaped serious injury except one man who did not hear shouts to duck. [15]