Flying Eagles (Kings Dominion)


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Flying Eagles
Kings Dominion
Location Doswell, Virginia, USA
Status Operating since 1975
Height restriction 36" accompanied / 44" unaccompanied
Manufacturer Bisch Rocco
Product Flying Scooters

Flying Eagles is a Flying Scooters ride built by US manufacturer Bisch Rocco currently located at Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia, USA. The attraction has previously been referred to as Flying Scooters, Parrot Troopers, Flying Ships, and Scream Weaver.[1]


Flying Eagles opened at Kings Dominion in 1975 as Flying Scooters. Some sources claim that the ride originally operated at Pontchartrain Beach in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA,[2] but Lake Pontchartrain's flying scooters ride was reportedly in operation through the park's closure in 1983, contradicting this claim.

Flying Scooters was renamed Parrot Troopers in 1976 and was relocated from the Candy Apple Grove section of the park to the Lion Country Safari section.[3]

The ride was renamed Scream Weaver in 1994 with the introduction of a Wayne's World-themed area.[4]

Scream Weaver was removed in 2000. It re-opened in the Old Virginia section mid-2001, now named Flying Eagles.[5][6]


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