Montezooma's Revenge

Not to be confused with Montezuma's Revenge, the attraction at Avonturenpark Hellendoorn.
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Montezooma's Revenge
Montezooma's Revenge (Knott's Berry Farm) 2016 01.jpg
Knott's Berry Farm
Location Buena Park, California, USA
Status Operating since May 21, 1978
Height restriction 48 inches (122 cm)
Manufacturer Schwarzkopf
Designer / calculations Ing.-Büro Stengel GmbH
Type Steel - Shuttle
Product Shuttle Loop
Riders per train 28
Hourly capacity 1344
Propulsion Flywheel launch from 0 mph - 55 mph in 4.5 s
Height 148 feet
Top speed 55 mph
Length 800 feet
Track inversions 1
Rider inversions 2
Duration 0:36

Montezooma's Revenge is a steel launched shuttle roller coaster located at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, USA. It was built by Schwarzkopf and is the last operating Shuttle Loops in the United States. It is also the oldest operating roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm.


Montezooma's Revenge opened on May 21, 1978.




Single train with 7 cars. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows, for a total of 28 riders per train.


On the evening of August 31, 2001, a woman was taken to hospital after reportedly suffering a seizure while riding Montezooma's Revenge. She died the following morning.[1] An investigation found the roller coaster to be mechanically safe, and the cause of death was a brain aneurysm aggravated by a pre-existing condition. Montezooma's Revenge reopened on September 6.[2]

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