Ciclón (Parque Del Café)

Parque del Café
Location Montenegro, Quindio, Colombia
Coordinates 4°32′24″N 75°46′00″W / 4.539963°N 75.766769°W / 4.539963; -75.766769
Status Operating since 2004
Rider height 125 cm minimum
Kings Island
Name Skylab
Location Mason, Ohio, USA
Coordinates 39°20′39″N 84°15′55″W / 39.344207°N 84.265309°W / 39.344207; -84.265309
Operated 1986 to 1997
Manufacturer HUSS
Product Sky Lab
Capacity 60 per cycle

Ciclón is an Enterprise built by German manufacturer HUSS currently located at Parque del Café in Montenegro, Quindio, Colombia.


The ride opened at Kings Island in 1986 as Skylab along with Dodgem and Zephyr as part of a refurbishment of the Coney Island themed area.[1][2] It closed in 1997. It reopened at Parque Del Café in 2004.[3]


Nearly 20 riders were slightly injured on August 6, 1990 when the ride came to an unexpected stop.[4]


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