Sunshine Turnpike

Sunshine Turnpike
Kings Island
Location Mason, Ohio, USA
Status Defunct
Operated April 29, 1972 to 1993
Manufacturer Arrow Dynamics
Product Sports Car
Capacity 3 per car

Sunshine Turnpike was a Track Ride built by US manufacturer Arrow Dynamics that was previously located at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, USA. The ride originally consisted of two intertwined tracks, but it was later modified to be just one track.


Sunshine Turnpike opened as Marathon Turnpike in 1972, named after park sponsor Marathon Oil Co. The ride originally included cut-outs of Hanna-Barbera characters. The attraction was renamed to just Turnpike in 1977, after Marathon ended its sponsorship. It was then renamed Speed Buggy in 1979 and Firestone Speed Buggy Turnpike in 1981. It closed before the end of the 1981 season and was heavily modified to become a single track, using parts of both former tracks. The attraction was renamed for a final time to Sunshine Turnpike in 1984. The ride closed in 1993.[1]


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