Der Spinnen Keggers

Der Spinnen Keggers
Kings Island
Location Mason, Ohio, USA
Coordinates 39°20′39″N 84°15′59″W / 39.34403°N 84.266404°W / 39.34403; -84.266404
Status Defunct
Operated 1972 to 1989
Manufacturer Intamin
Product Drunken Barrels
Capacity 72 per cycle

Der Spinnen Keggers, at times referred to as Der Spinnen Kegger, was a cross between a Calypso and Teacups built by Swiss manufacturer Intamin that was previously located at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, USA.


Der Spinnen Keggers opened with the park in 1972. The top of the barrel-shaped vehicles were removed in the early 1980s. The ride was removed after the 1989 season.[1]


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