Woodstock's Air Rail

Roller coaster in the United States
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Woodstock's Air Rail
Kings Island
Location Mason, Ohio, USA
Coordinates 39°20′30″N 84°16′09″W / 39.341582°N 84.269065°W / 39.341582; -84.269065
Park section Planet Snoopy
Status Operating since April 7, 2001
Rider height
  • Minimum: 44 inch
  • Maximum: 76 inch
Manufacturer Vekoma
Product Suspended Family Coaster 342m
Type Steel - Inverted
Riders per train 20
Hourly capacity 650
Propulsion Tire propelled lift
Area 193.6 feet × 121.4 feet
Height 48.6 feet
Top speed 26 mph
Length 1122.1 feet
Inversions 0
G-Force 2.2

Woodstock's Air Rail is a Vekoma inverted roller coaster located at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, USA. It is located in the Camp Snoopy section of the park.


When the ride first opened on April 7, 2001, the ride was known as Rugrats Runaway Reptar. It debuted along with a retheming of parts of Rivertown and Hannah-Barbera Land into Nickelodeon Central.[1] In 2010, the kids area changed themes yet again. With the retheme to Planet Snoopy, the coaster was renamed Flying Ace Aerial Chase and repainted.[2]

The ride was renamed for the 2024 season with the introduction of the Camp Snoopy section.[3]




While the ride was known as Rugrats Runaway Reptar, the entrance looked like a drive-in theater. Fiberglass figurines of characters from the show were placed around the entrance and queue line. Phil and Lil were atop the drive-in marquee, Tommy was piloting the Reptarmobile that was crashing through the drive-in scene, and Reptar was standing on a faux snack bar.

Color scheme

Green track and brown supports. During its time as Flying Ace Aerial Chase, it featured yellow track and light orange supports. The ride opened with yellow track and light green supports.


Single train with 10 cars. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in a single row, for a total of 20 riders per train.



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