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Custom Coasters International, Inc.

Custom Coasters International, Inc.

Custom Coasters International, Inc.
Status Defunct
West Chester, Ohio, USA
In business 1991 to July 2002

Custom Coasters International, Inc. was a wooden roller coaster manufacturer. The company has been defunct since 2002.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

As Charlie Dinn's Dinn Corporation in 1991, his daughter Denise Dinn formed a new company. Dinn hired four former employees of Curtis D. Summers, Inc. (who designed all of Dinn Corporation's roller coasters): Larry Bill, Chad Miller, Korey Kiepert, and Michael Graham.[2]

The company was closed in July 2002 after filing for bankruptcy. Personal matters were cited as a reason for closure, as company president Denise Dinn was in the process of a divorce.[3] At the time it was in the process of constructing the New Mexico Rattler, which was subsequently finished in-house.[4] Denise Dinn was hired by S&S Power, who opened a wooden roller coaster division. Four wooden roller coasters were built under the S&S name. Bill, Miller, Kiepert and Graham went on to form The Gravity Group, which remains in business today.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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