Valhalla (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Location Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK
Status Standing but not operating, expected to open 2022
Operated 2000 to 2019
Cost £15 million
Soundtrack Yes
Replaced Funhouse
Manufacturer Intamin
Product Log flume
Designer / calculations Sarner
Hourly capacity 2000

Valhalla is an enclosed boat ride located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK. It was built on the spot where the Funhouse stood until it was destroyed by fire in 1991, and represents an investment of £15 million.[1][2] The hardware was supplied by Intamin and the theme and story were created by Sarner.[3][4]


The original facade incorporated old pieces of track from the Big One roller coaster.[5] The ride premiered on 14 June 2000.[3] For the 2012 season, the facade was replaced.[6] In December 2019, the park announced that Valhalla would not operate during the 2020 season in order for the ride to be refurbished. It was planned to reopen in 2021 following the "reimagining".[7] Previously, managing director Amanda Thompson had suggested they were looking to make Valhalla "more sustainable" while keeping the ride operational.[8] In November 2020, the park said it was still in the process of redesigning the ride, and that its reopening had been pushed back to 2022.[9]


Vahalla, in Norse mythology, is an enormous hall ruled over by God Odin. Chosen by Odin, half of those slain in battle travel to Valhalla upon death. The ride station is situated outside the main building, and is a timber construction inspired by stave churches, once popular in Scandinavia.[2]

Special effects

Valhalla uses approximately 35,000 cubic feet of gas an hour to create the flame effects. Riders are exposed to temperatures ranging from -20 to 40°C.[2]



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