Drayton Manor Resort

Amusement park in the United Kingdom
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Drayton Manor Resort
Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire, England, UK
Status Operating
Opened April 1950
Owner Looping Group
Website http://draytonmanor.co.uk/

Drayton Manor Resort is an amusement park, zoo and hotel in Fazeley near Birmingham, England. It was opened by George & Vera Bryan at Easter 1950, and remained in control of the Bryan family until 2020, when it was purchased by the Looping Group.[1]


The entrance to Thomas Land

The park is built on the grounds of a mansion which was demolished in 1926. The only remaining building is a clock tower, which is situated beside the entrance to the park.[2]

On 12 March 2008, the new Thomas Land area was officially opened. Replacing the former Robinsons Land area, it is the second area based on the Thomas and Friends brand, the first one opened at Fuji-Q Highland in 1998.[3] The park opens the Thomas Land area during the winter months for special events.

In August 2011, an onsite restaurant and a hotel with Thomas and Friends themed rooms were opened.[4]

The partial opening of the park was postponed in February 2020 due to flooding. It reopened on February 29th.[5] On 18 March, Drayton Manor announced it would be closed until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.[6]

On 3 August 2020, the park was purchased by the Looping Group as part of a pre-pack administration package.[7]

In 2021 the park renamed from Drayton Manor Theme Park to Drayton Manor Resort.[8]

Roller coasters

Under construction

Class Name Manufacturer Type Opening Status
Roller Gold Rush Intamin Launched 2024 Under construction


Class Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Roller Accelerator Vekoma Shuttle April 21, 2011 Operating
Powered Jormungandr Zamperla Sit-Down 1987 Operating
Roller Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster Gerstlauer Kiddie March 15, 2008 Operating
Roller Wave Intamin Sit-Down March 26, 1994 Operating


Class Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Roller G Force Maurer Söhne Sit-Down July 26, 2005 2018 for sale
Roller Jumbo Jet Schwarzkopf Sit-Down 1981 1983 Relocated to Atlas Park
Roller Klondike Gold Mine Pinfari Sit-Down 1984 2004 Relocated to Funland Hayling Island
Roller Roller Coaster Supercar Kiddie 1967 or earlier 1983 Scrapped
Roller Super Dragon Pinfari Kiddie 1984 2007 Relocated to Funland Hayling Island



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Air Race Zamperla Air Race July 2014
Bertie Bus Zamperla Junior Flying Carpet 2008
Blue Mountain Engines Zamperla Junior Sea Storm 2011
Bounty Intamin Pirate Ship March 2007
Captain's Sea Adventure Zamperla Roundabout 2015
Carousel Savage Carousel c.1958
Cranky's Drop Tower Zamperla Junior Drop Tower 2008
Diesel's Locomotive Mayhem Zamperla Crazy Daisy 2008
Dodgems Ahoy Supercar Leisure Dodgems 1992
Blasting Barrels & Co Intamin Teacups July 2006
Flying Dutchman Intamin Flying Dutchman 1983
Flynn's Fire Rescue Zamperla Fire Brigade 2008
Harold's Helicopter Tours Zamperla Balloon Tower 2008
James and the Red Balloon Zamperla Samba Balloon 2017
Jeremy Jet's Flying Academy Zamperla Jets 2008
Jolly Buccaneer Mack Rides Sea Storm 1992
Lady's Carousel Zamperla Roundabout 2008
Loki Zamperla NebulaZ 2022
Maelstrom Intamin Frisbee April 2002
Polperro Express Railway Severn Lamb Miniature Railway 1971
River Rapids Intamin River Rapids 1993
Rocking Bulstrode Zamperla Rockin' Tug 2008
Sheriff Showdown I.E. Park Tracked Dark Ride 2000
Sleipnir Metallbau Emmeln Pony Trek 2022
Sodor Classic Cars Supercar Track Ride March 1972
Stormforce 10 BEAR Log Flume 1999
Haunting Vekoma Madhouse 1996
Thomas & Percy's Submarine Splash Soquet Junior Log Flume 2023
Thomas, Rosie and Percy Engine Tours Metallbau Emmeln Miniature Railway 2008
Thor Zamperla Disk'O 2022
Toby's Tram Express Zamperla Barnyard 2015
Wave Swinger Zierer Waveswinger July 2021
Winston's Whistle Stop Tour Zamperla Monorail July 2013


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Apocalypse Intamin Drop Tower May 2000 October 30, 2022 Scrapped
Arriva Crazy Bus Zamperla Junior Flying Carpet March 1998 2007 Unknown
Balloon Race Zamperla Balloon Race 1987 1997 Unknown
Big Wheel Helmut Hauser Ferris Wheel 1986 2017 Relocated to Billing Aquadrome
Black Revolver H.P. Jackson Waltzer April 1980 2010 Sold to private owner
Cablecars British Ropeway Engineering Ropeway March 1964 2017 Scrapped
Cadbury's Junior Pirate Ship Modern Products Junior Pirate Ship 1996 2007 Relocated to Funland Hayling Island
Carousel John H. Rundle Carousel 2013 2013 Relocated to Luna Park
Cyclone HUSS Enterprise 2003 2005 Relocated to Thorpe Park
Dodgems Orton & Spooner Dodgems 1954 1991 Scrapped
Excalibur BEAR Scenic Boat Ride May 2003 2011 Scrapped
Flying Jumbos Zamperla Jets March 1998 2007 Unknown
Frog Hopper S&S Worldwide Junior Drop Tower March 1998 2007 Relocated to Funland Hayling Island
Giant Slide Harry Steer Engineering Giant Slide 1985 2002 Scrapped
Jolly Roger Zamperla Rockin' Tug 2004 2007 P/ex with Zamperla
Junior Pirate Ship Modern Products Junior Pirate Ship 1986 1995 Unknown
Log Flume Reverchon Log Flume 1981 1998 Parts to Klondike Kreek at Flamingo Land
Lunar Carousel I.E. Park Roundabout 1992 2007 Relocated to Brean Theme Park
Mini Balloons Zamperla Samba Balloon March 1998 2007 Relocated to Funland Hayling Island
Mississippi Showboat SDC Funhouse June 1988 1993 SBNO until 2016 - scrapped
Octopus Soriani & Moser Polyp 1984 1997 P/ex with Soriani & Moser
Pandemonium Fabbri Ranger 2004 2021 For Sale
Paratower Vekoma Paratower 1983 1997 Relocated to Flamingo Land
Pirate Adventure Mack Rides Dark Boat Ride July 1990 2015 Scrapped
Pirate Raft Ride Zamperla Junior Jets 1998 2007 Relocated to Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach
Pirate Ship HUSS Pirate Ship 1982 2003 Unknown (listed for sale by HUSS c.2004)
Quasar A.R.M. Quasar/Explorer May 1985 1987 Travelling UK
Red Baron Zamperla Junior Jets 1986 1997 P/ex with Zamperla
Rory's Jungle Cruise Alan Hawes Scenic Boat Ride July 1976 2001 Scrapped
Roundabout R.J. Lakin Waltzer 1965 1979 Travelling UK
Sky Flyer Vekoma Ranger 1989 2003 Sold to Mondial
Skyflier Helmut Hauser Ranger 1985 1985 Sold
Sombrero Soriani & Moser Polyp March 1998 2010 P/ex with Zamperla
Tea Cups Zamperla Teacups May 1988 2004 Relocated to Adventure Wonderland
The Crypt Unknown Tracked Dark Ride Unknown 2001 Scrapped
Whirly Copter Wheel Modern Products Junior Ferris Wheel 1999 2007 Relocated to Funland Hayling Island


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