Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Amusement park in the United States

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Santa Cruz, California, USA
Status Operating
Operating season Year-round
Park entrance

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is an amusement park in Santa Cruz, California, USA.


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk operated intermittently in 2020 due to restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic. It opened on April 1, 2021.[1][2]

Roller coasters


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Giant Dipper Arthur Looff Wooden May 17, 1924 Operating
Sea Serpent E&F Miler Industries Kiddie 2000 Operating
Undertow Maurer AG Spinning October 19, 2013 Operating


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate Replacement
Hurricane SDC Sit-Down June 22, 1992 September 3, 2012 Relocated to Western Playland Undertow
Jet Star Schwarzkopf Sit-Down 1972 1991 Relocated to Thrill-Ville USA Hurricane
L.A. Thompson Scenic Railway L.A. Thompson Scenic Railway Company Wooden 1908 1923 Scrapped Giant Dipper
Orient Express Wisdom Rides Family 1998 1999 Relocated to Palace Playland Sea Serpent
Wild Mouse Self-built Wild Mouse June 21, 1958 1976 Scrapped Logger's Revenge



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Beach Swing Zamperla Happy Swing 2013
Bouncin' Buggies Zamperla Jump Around May 7, 2016
Bulgy the Whale (Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Eyerly Aircraft Company Roundabout 1960
Cave Train Arrow Dynamics Tracked Dark Ride June 1961
Cliff Hanger Dartron Cliff Hanger February 8, 2003
Crazy Surf Technical Park Miami 2019
Convoy Zamperla Track Ride 2000
Cyclone Dartron Round-Up 2004
Double Shot S&S Worldwide Drop Tower March 19, 2005
Fireball KMG Frisbee April 12, 2003
Freefall Moser's Rides Drop Tower March 2002
Ghost Blasters Barbisan Tracked Dark Ride 2001
Haunted Castle I.E. Park Tracked Dark Ride June 4, 2010
Jet Copters Zamperla Junior Jets 1990
Lighthouse Liftoff Sunkid Heege Tower November 7, 2020
Logger's Revenge Arrow Dynamics Log Flume April 1977
Looff Carousel Charles Looff Gallopers 1911
Pirate Ship HUSS Pirate Ship 1984
Riptide Sellner Manufacturing Tilt-A-Whirl 1973 or earlier
Rock & Roll Bertazzon Matterhorn June 29, 2002
Rock-O-Plane Eyerly Aircraft Company Rock-O-Plane 1954
Sea Dragons Sartori Junior Jets 1976
Sea Swings Bertazzon Waveswinger October 18, 2008
Shockwave Zamperla Disk'O June 17, 2017
Speedway Zamperla Junior Whip May 2002
Sky Glider Hopkins Ropeway 1967
Speed Boats Venture Rides Roundabout 1982
Speed Bumps Unknown Dodgems 1996
Tornado Wisdom Rides Tornado 2000
Tsunami Bertazzon Superbob/Musik Express March 27, 1999
Twirlin' Teacups Zamperla Junior Teacups June 1, 2019
Typhoon A.R.M. (USA) Ranger June 30, 2017
Wave Rider February 20, 2021
WipeOut HUSS Breakdance 1998


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate Replacement
Auto Scooter Unknown Dodgems 1948 1992 Scrapped Wipeout
Autorama Arrow Dynamics Track Ride June 1961 1984 Scrapped Great Auto Race
Chaos Chance Rides Chaos March 22, 1997 December 1, 2002 Relocated to Belmont Park Fireball
Bermuda Triangle Eli Bridge Company Scrambler Unknown October 20, 2002 Unknown Cliff Hanger
Big Rigs Big Truck Convoy 1996 April 2002 Speedway
Crazy Surf Sartori Miami 1998 2011 Unknown Crazy Surf
Crazy Surf KMG Miami April 2012 2018 Travelling UK Crazy Surf
Ferris Wheel Eli Bridge Company Ferris Wheel 1959 October 29, 2017 Scrapped Wave Rider
Flying Cages Unknown Swinging Gyms 1962 1972 Unknown
Fun House Unknown Funhouse 1925 1971 Scrapped
Great Auto Race Morgan Track Ride 1985 1999 Scrapped Ghost Blasters
Haunted Castle Tracked Dark Ride 1973 August 23, 2009 Renovated Haunted Castle
Kiddie Bumper Boats Bumper Boats 1996 2003 Starfish
Paratrooper Hrubetz Paratrooper 1965 1985 Unknown Wave Jammer
Rugged Buggies Hampton Roundabout 1975 2015 Unknown Bouncin' Buggies
Spider Eyerly Aircraft Company Octopus 1975 1988 Unknown Rock-O-Plane
Spin Out Arrow Dynamics Teacups 1989 2003 Relocated to Santa's Village AZoosment Park Cyclone
Starfish Unknown Junior Musik Express May 8, 2004 September 3, 2012 Unknown Shockwave
Super Round-Up Hrubetz Round-Up 1972 March 31, 1991 Unknown Typhoon
Trabant Chance Rides Trabant/Satellite 1968 1983 Unknown Pirate Ship
Typhoon Fabbri Ranger 1991 October 21, 2007   Traveling Sea Swings
Venturer Simulator Motion Simulator 1995 September 2004 Scrapped Double Shot
Video Storm Unknown Superbob/Musik Express 1987 1998 Scrapped Tsunami
Wave Jammer Reverchon Quasar/Explorer May 9, 1986 October 21, 2001 Relocated to LeSourdsville Lake Park (never operated) Rock & Roll
Wipeout Chance Rides Trabant/Satellite 1993 1996 Unknown Chaos


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