Tallest roller coaster vertical loops

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Key Meaning
^ Currently in storage
* Currently standing but not operating (SBNO)
** Currently under construction
Current record holder


Rank Height Name Park Location Manufacturer Record held
1st 171 feet Flash Lewa Adventure
Jingyang, Xianyang, Shaanxi, China
Mack Rides January 2016 - present
Hyper Coaster Land of Legends Theme Park
Antalya, Antalya, Turkey
Mack Rides 2018 - present
3rd 160


Full Throttle Six Flags Magic Mountain
Valencia, California, USA
Premier Rides June 2013 - January 2016
4th 145 feet Superman Krypton Coaster Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Bolliger & Mabillard March 2000 - June 2013
5th 144 feet Viper Six Flags Magic Mountain
Valencia, California, USA
Arrow Dynamics April 1990 - March 2000
6th 135 feet Dominator Kings Dominion
Doswell, Virginia, USA
Bolliger & Mabillard N/A
7th 128 feet Medusa Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson, New Jersey, USA
Bolliger & Mabillard N/A
Kraken SeaWorld Orlando
Orlando, Florida, USA
Bolliger & Mabillard N/A
Medusa Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Vallejo, California, USA
Bolliger & Mabillard N/A
Scream! Six Flags Magic Mountain
Valencia, California, USA
Bolliger & Mabillard N/A


Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain's loop is 144 feet above the ground, but the loop itself is about 70 feet tall from the start to the end of the element, as it has a straight climb leading up to it and an elevated turn afterward.