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This is a working list of different ride types. Please feel free to expand it or discuss it on the discussion page. At some point, this will become a proper reference point for all articles on this website.

Coaster types[edit source]

A coaster may be listed with multiple "types". Enter them in the order they appear here:

  1. Flying Turns at Knoebels breaks this as it's both a wooden coaster and a bobsled coaster.

Examples[edit source]

Name Manufacturer Class Type Opened Status
Arthur Mack Rides Powered Inverted Family July 2014 Operating
Possessed Intamin Roller Inverted Launched Shuttle May 17, 2008 Operating
Smiler Gerstlauer Roller Sit-Down May 31, 2013 Operating
Stinger Vekoma Roller Inverted Shuttle April 28, 2012 Closed 2017
Twister Reverchon Roller Sit-Down Spinning Wild Mouse May 2001 Closed May 30, 2019

Flat rides[edit source]

Most common name Other names Notes Picture
1001 Nights Single boom. Riders sit facing inwards (ie towards each-other)
Acrobat Riders sit in spinning gondolas positioned at the end of arms which rise up and down, which are attached to a central spinning point. Acrobat (Bridlington) - 2005.jpg
Air Race A product from Zamperla. Air Race (Brighton Palace Pier) 2017 01.jpg
Balloon Race This is a product from Zamperla. Does anyone else make similar rides? Balloon Race (Flamingo Land) 1.jpg
Balloon Tower "Samba Tower" from Zamperla is an example of this ride type. Other manufacturers include IE Park (Star Dancer), Larson International (Star Dancer) and Technical Park (Balloon Tower). Samba Tower (Pattaya Park) 2019 01.jpg
Bayern Kurve A product from Schwarzkopf. Bayern Kurve (Kennywood) 2013 01.jpg
Booster Booster Maxxx G4 02.jpg
Breakdance Breakdance (Playland) 2006 01.jpg
Bumper Cars (USA) Dodgems (UK, Australia, NZ) Canyon Cars (Adventuredome) 2006 01.jpg
Cakewalk An old ride with moving walkways that riders must navigate. Old Tyme Brooklyn Cakewalk.jpg
Calypso Like a "Twist"/"Scrambler" ride but tilted. Tiki Twirl (Cedar Point) 2015 01.jpg
Capriolo A product from Mondial. Similar to a Booster, but only one end of the arm has a gondola. 2Xtreme (Walter Murphy) 2009 01.jpg
Carousel (USA) Gallopers (UK), Merry-go-Round, Roundabout Includes Double-decker carousel Carousel (Brighton Palace Pier) 2017 01.jpg
Chair-O-Plane A spinning ride. Does not tilt, unlike the waveswinger. Includes Intamin Flying Dutchman? Plough (Loudoun Castle) 2014 01.jpg
Chaos A Chance Rides Product - does any other manufacturer make a ride with the same movements? Chaos (Cedar Point) 01.jpg
Condor A HUSS product, though similar rides have since been produced by Chinese companies. Condor (Six Flags Great America) 2014 01.jpg
Disk'O This is a ride type produced by multiple companies, not the Zamperla product. Crazy Surfer (Movie Park Germany) 01.jpg
Drop Tower Includes spinning variants Liberty Launch (Holiday World) 01.jpg
Enterprise Witches' Wheel (Cedar Point) 2014 01.jpg
Evolution Similar to a frisbee ride that makes a full inversion, but the seats also tilt. Both Fabbri and Nauta Bussink have made these. Evolution (Fantasilandia) 2008 01.jpg
Experience A product from KMG.
Ferris Wheel Big wheel Giant Wheel (Cedar Point) 01.jpg
Flying Carpet Magic Carpet Double boom, riders face toward each-other.
Flying Island An observation ride from Intamin. Pagode (Efteling) 2008 01.jpg
Flying Scooters
Free Fall "Free Fall" was an Intamin product. Intamin is the only company which has produced this sort of ride. Unlike later drop tower rides, this was a tracked ride. Free Fall (Six Flags Over Georgia) 1989 01.jpg
Frisbee Includes fully inverting frisbee rides, variants with seats facing outward, inward, and the original inward-facing seats with floor. Eagle's Claw (Lightwater Valley) 01.jpg
Frog Hopper
Fun Slide (USA) Astroglide (UK) Am thinking this should be called "Fun Slide" rather than "Astroglide" as Fun Slide is more descriptive - everyone knows what a slide is, not so many have heard of an Astroglide. On the other hand, calling it an Astroglide separates it from a "tube slide"... Rock Slide (Flamingo Land) 2010 01.jpg
Funhouse A walk-through attraction. Showtime (Flamingo Park) 2014 01.jpg
Gyro tower Spinning observation tower. Single and double decker. Sky Tower (Rhyl) 01.jpg
Helter Skelter Slip Spiral slide Helter Skelter (Brighton Pier no.2) 2015 01.jpg
Hot Air Balloon Ride A product produced by WGH Transportation Balloon School (Legoland Windsor) 2015 01.jpg
Inverter Built by Chance Rides, A.R.M. and Sartori Inverter (Adventuredome) 01.jpg
Jets Small vehicles spin round a central point. Each gondola rises and falls independently of another. Roto Jets (Knoebels) 2012 01.jpg
Jolly Tubes Barrels of Fun Simple faiground ride consisting of a walk-through hollow spinning tube.
Jump & Smile Disco Fever (Brean Theme Park) 2017 01.jpg
Log Flume Boats with inline seating. Flume (Alton Towers) 01.jpg
Madhouse Large motorised type. Includes Vekoma Mad House and Mack Mystery Swing rides. Villa Volta (Efteling) 2018 01.jpg
Matterhorn Ice Jet (Ocean Beach Pleasure Park) 2020 02.jpg
Miami Miami Surf (Ocean Beach Pleasure Park) 01.jpg
Miniature Railway Miniature Railroad Only railways within parks are covered. Heritage railways, standalone railways, etc, not within the scope of this project. Polperro Express Railway (Drayton Manor) 2011 01.jpg
Mixer A product from Zamperla Mixer (Adventureland) 2004 01.jpg
Monorail May be used for transport and/or observation. Monorail (Dutch Wonderland) 2012 01.jpg
Moonrocket Produced by Maxwell and Lakin in the UK and Allan Herschell in the US. Moonrocket (Boblo Island) 1953.jpg
Move It Spin Out The entire platform on which this ride sits, spins. Dragon's Claw (Adventure Island) 2010 01.jpg
Musik Express Superbob Information
Mystic Swing Rib Tickler, Haunted Swing Smaller than the Madhouse, may be motorised or manually operated.
Octopus Fairly simple spinning ride with rising and falling cars. Could be viewed as a simpler version of the Polyp. Octopus (Carter's Steam Fair) 2010 01.jpg
Paratower A tower ride with parachutes. Great Gasp (Six Flags Over Georgia) 2005 01.jpg
Pirate Ship Galleon Non-inverting pendulum ride. Galleon (Codona's Amusement Park) 01.jpg
Polyp Spinning ride. Monster (Cedar Point) 2012 01.jpg
Power Surge A product from Zamperla. Power Surge (Palace Playland) 2019 01.jpg
Quasar Explorer A spinning ride that looks similar to an Enterprise, but it doesn't tilt up, rather it wobbles while spinning. I've chosen the Quasar name rather than Explorer purely because there are no other rides listed here that begin with "Q". Also produced under the name "Hang Ten" by S.D.C. Quasar (A&P Amusements) 2004 01.jpg
Image copyright Mark Hunter
Ranger Traum Boot Includes both the "caged" type and the "open" type. Sky Flyer (Flamingo Land) 01.jpg
Rainbow Ali Baba Riders face outward. Usually single boom but includes the Chance Falling Star which has two. Rainbow (EsselWorld) 2015 01.jpg
River Rapids Grand Rapids (Michigan's Adventure) 01.jpg
Rock-O-Plane Looks like a ferris wheel, but riders can control the vertical spinning of their car. A skilled rider can apply the brake to perform loops or keep their car upside-down. Rock-O-Plane (Coney Island) 2012 01.jpg
Rockin' Tug Smaller than a Disk'O Rockin' Tug (Castle Park) 2018 01.jpg
Ropeway Cablecar, chairlift Chairlifts (Pleasurewood Hills) 2010 02.jpg
Rotor Gravitron Riders are pinned to the wall as the ride spins. Older versions called "Rotor", newer variant "Gravitron" Silly Silo (Adventureland) 2008 02.jpg
Round-Up Meteorite Includes the more extreme HUSS "UFO" ride Round-Up (N.J. Valley Amusements) 2012 Hunterdon County Fair.jpg
Santa Maria Shuttle Boat Actually a product from Schwarzkopf. Like a Pirate Ship on rails, or a Disk'O but with the spinning car swapped for a non-spinning pirate ship. Santa Maria (Transworld).jpg
Scrambler Cha Cha, Sizzler, Twist Pacific Scrambler (Knott's Berry Farm) 2018 01.jpg
Screamin' Swing This is a product from S&S Worldwide. A giant swing ride which does not spin. Giant Barn Swing (Silver Dollar City) 08.jpg
Sea Storm Jolly Buccaneer (Drayton Manor) 2008 01.jpg
Shoot The Chute Hydro (Oakwood Theme Park) 2002 01.jpg-
Skycoaster Skycoaster (Lake Compounce) 01.jpg
Sky Fly Actually a product from Gerstlauer. Red Arrows SkyForce (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) 01.jpg
Sky Sling
Sky Swat This is a product from S&S Worldwide. Riders are seated at either end of a long arm which is lifted into the sky then spun vertically around its centre. Only two were built, both of which are now closed. Slammer (Thorpe Park) 2006 01.jpg
Sky Wheel Double Ferris Wheel Produced by Allan Herschell, acquired by Chance in 1970 Double Ferris Wheel (Belle City Amusements) 2012 01.jpg
Splash battle "Splash Battle" is the name of the Mack Rides product, but this type is produced by multiple companies. Slow moving boats with water features and cannons for riders to use. Battle Galleons (Alton Towers) 01.jpg
Star Flyer Essentially an elevated chairswing Star Flyer (Wurstelprater) 01.jpg
Steam Yachts An old ride built by Savage. Excelsior Steam Yachts (Carter's Steam Fair) 2009 01.jpg
Super Loop (this needs a page) Ring of Fire I prefer the "Super Loop" name here as it is more descriptive - the ride is a "loop" after all. Ring of Fire (Big Rock Amusements) 2019 Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair 02.jpg
Super Nova Canyon Trip Super Nova produced by Mondial, Canyon Trip produced by Soriani & Moser. Like a Vekoma Waikiki Wave but the seats face inward, towards the centre of the ride. Hurricane (Särkänniemi) 2015 01.jpg
Superstar Produced by UK firms Protech and Northern Amusements. Riders sit at the end of arms attached to a spinning central point. This is in turn attached to an arm which raises riders into the air then also spins. Thunderbolt (Flambards) 2007 05.jpg
Tagada Music Tagada (William Roberts) 2014 01.jpg
Take Off Take Off (Särkänniemi) 2015 01.jpg
Teacups Monsieur Cannibale (Efteling) 2012 01.jpg
Top Spin Includes variants such as Waikiki Wave by Vekoma, where each arm is able to rotate independently. RipTide (Knott's Berry Farm) 01.jpg
Top Scan A ride with a single arm with seats at the end. The seats rock while the arm moves to create a unique ride experience. Sound Machine (Hoefnagels) 2004 01.jpg
Tornado Riders sit in four-person suspended cars, whose spinning can be controlled by the rider. These cars are suspended from a central, spinning tower. Whip (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) 2004 03.jpg
Tri-Star A product from HUSS. Tide Traveler (Pleasurewood Hills) 2010 02.jpg
Troika Triple Play (Kings Dominion) 2009 01.jpg
Tube Slide It's just an enclosed slide. Snake Slide (Mack's Amusements) 01.jpg
Tumble Bug A ride with a circular track with one or more bumps. Features a "train" which is attached to a central spinning point. Includes the original Traver "Tumble Bug" rides and the modern "Bayern Express" rides from Gerstlauer. Turtle Chase (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) 2004 02.jpg
Twin Spin A product from A.R.M. Riders sit on a spinning disc which is raised up and spun vertically.
Typhoon Similar to the Passat ride (a precursor to the Enterprise), but the spinning section of the ride travels up and over an upside-down U shaped track.
Waltzer Similar to a Tilt-A-Whirl, popular in the UK. Waltzer (Brighton Palace Pier) 2007 01.jpg
Waveswinger Like the Chair-O-Plane, but the top part tilts when the ride is at speed. Archelon (Adventure Island) 01.jpg
Whip Whip (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) 2004 03.jpg
Zipper A unique product from Chance Rides. Zipper (North American Midway Entertainment) 2019 Calgary Stampede.jpg
KMG Infinity, Zierer Star Shape, KMG Inversion These all appear to make the same/similar movements at a quick glance. Not sure.

Omitted rides[edit source]

Due to their size, ubiquity, and difficulty to track, some attraction types are deliberately omitted from ride lists. These attractions do not warrant articles, though where reliable sources are available information on them may be added in the "History" section on the amusement park page.

  • Ropes Course
  • Juvenile ferris wheel (in other words, ferris wheels for children only)
  • Juvenile jets
  • Juvenile paratrooper
  • Juvenile railway (ride on railway for children only)
  • Juvenile roundabouts
  • Model railway
  • Tiny or pedal-powered go-karts (full-size gokarts may be covered only if they are part of an amusement park with other notable rides)