Cyborg Cyber Spin

Cyborg Cyber Spin
Six Flags Great Adventure
Location Jackson, New Jersey, USA
Status Operating since June 13, 2018
Manufacturer ABC Rides
Product Tourbillon
Capacity 24 riders
Height 70 feet

Cyborg Cyber Spin is a Tourbillon installation from ABC Rides located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, USA. When operating, it reaches a height of 70 feet and spins riders on three separate axes.[1] The ride opened on June 13, 2018.[2]


The ride is based on (and the first Six Flags ride to be based on) DC Comics superhero Cyborg. This ride is also the first Six Flags ride to be themed to a black superhero (the first ride to be based on a black superhero altogether was Storm Force Acceletron at Universal's Islands of Adventure.) Six Flags announced the ride as being "like its namesake, unique and unlike anything you've ever seen before."

In 2017, a number was advertised in the Movietown section, claiming to belong to "Silas and Elinore Stone." Once called, one would hear an audio message of Cyborg explaining STAR Labs and their many advancements in technology, and how "he spent a lot of his childhood in these labs with his parents, and you wouldn't believe the things technology has done for him!" This whole promotion was not true to DC Comics for two reasons: Elinore Stone was killed in the accident that resulted in Victor Stone becoming Cyborg, and Cyborg was not happy with his cybernetic enhancements when he was first reformatted.

According to Six Flags, this is a training session with Cyborg, preparing guests for Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, which Cyborg appears in. The queue has some information about Cyborg such as his role in the Justice League and his powers and abilities, and how he feels unsure of himself thanks to his cybernetic enhancements (contradicting the phone message above.)

Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg in the 2017 Justice League movie directed by Joss Whedon, rode this ride in September 2018, thus making him the first actor starring in DC-related media who's rode a Six Flags ride themed to their character.[3]